Even after winning the World Cup, Scaloni could not give up his habit

The latest international sports News headlines, Even after winning the World Cup, Scaloni could not give up his habit

Dec 26, 2022 - 20:48
Even after winning the World Cup, Scaloni could not give up his habit
Even after winning the World Cup, Scaloni could not give up his habit

Who is the world's most sought-after, most beloved football coach at the moment? You don't need to think too much to give the answer. Lionel Scaloni made a thousand times more than he made playing in the Argentina jersey and coaching the national team. That is not unusual. He became the star coach after 28 years of winning the Copa America, leading Argentina to a World Cup-winning side after a failure at the 2018 Russia World Cup.
After 36 years in Qatar, Argentina's World Cup drought has ended. Scaloni became the third World Cup-winning coach in the history of Argentina football after Cesar Luis Menotti and Carlos Bilardo. He is the third Latin American coach to win the Copa America and the World Cup, after Mario Zagallo and Carlos Alberto Paheira. Any journalist who gets an interview with Scaloni now goes. Scaloni is the biggest star coach in the world at the moment, pushing all famous football coaches to the back row.

After winning the World Cup, Scaloni rushed back to his hometown Photo. There, the local people gave a huge welcome to Argentina's World Cup-winning coach. He currently lives with his family in Mallorca, Spain. But his connection with his birthplace is good. Rushed to Puhat on vacation. There is one thing he likes very much. cycling. Biking in the vast expanses of Puhato is a favorite part of Scaloni's vacation. Even after winning the World Cup, he could not give up his habit. He spends his free time cycling.

After winning the World Cup, the big question is how long Scaloni will be in charge of Argentina's coach. Will the Argentine Football Association be responsible for him until the 2026 World Cup? The matter is much the same. A few days ago, he had a conversation with the head of the Argentine Football Association, Claudio Tapia. Tapia hinted at something like that at the time. He said he wanted to trust Scaloni. But the Argentine newspaper "Ole" says otherwise. After winning the World Cup, Scaloni will naturally look at his finances. There is also the matter of his own will. So whether Scaloni will stay on as Argentina coach—it's too early to tell.

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