Hairstyles for Long Hair That Are Gorgeous

Hairstyles for Long Hair That Are Gorgeous, This box braid is one of the most beautiful and eye-catching party hairstyles. The hair color pops

Jan 15, 2020 - 14:31
Hairstyles for Long Hair That Are Gorgeous
Party Hairstyles for Long Hair Using Step by Step

Serious style points for Ms. Hayek with this ravishing flowy 'do. The marginally lighter closures are interesting, however the most amazing part of the style is the development within the curls without her actually moving. The length and thickness combined with the full spiral curls creates a wave-like appearance that's flawless.

Prep hair with styling product(s) then blow dry, finishing off the drying procedure with a large round brush.Use a large barrel curling iron and create barrel curls. Clasp curls at the scalp to allow them to cool completely.Mist the cooling curls with a little hairspray before removing the clasps and let it dry.Let those curls down and brush through them (if your curls can handle it) and re-twist with your fingers to get your ideal twist pattern.Spray finished style with a firm however adaptable hold hairspray.

Suggested Hair Items:

Easy Party hairstyle for girls Hairstyles for long hair simple

For bouncing "wind-in-the-hair" locks, combine a styling item like Warren Tricomi Style Blue Gel (put in while hair is damp then blow dry) with the hot rollers.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type:

Oval, heart, round, square or long. Medium to thick thickness with any natural texture.


If you have issues with your curls and their staying power, instead of using a curling iron, use hot rollers or a wet-set with plastic rollers (the old-school kind you'd see your grandma wearing). Hot rollers infuse your hair with heat, however then also cool totally around the same shape so the twist is secured better. With a wet-set, you're using a different type of technique altogether. Instead of temperature, you're using moisture to set your curls. The way your hair reacts to the wet-set is a ton of times greater than using just temperature techniques. You get a more stable twist. For what reason do you think ladies would go to the salon once seven days for this treatment? It actually was capable of lasting that long and won't damage your hair nearly as much as the heat will!

Restless Topsy Long Prom Fishtail

Updated Retro Chignon

Lovely Fishtail Braid

Who realized you could take something as basic as the low chignon, shift it up only an inch or two, and get a totally different vibe?! While the smoothed back hair doesn't look too tight, hair is contained and classic looking however somewhat restless too. Sweet!

The most effective method to Style:

Apply mousse to damp hair and victory the majority of the way.Smooth hair back to simply below the occipital bone (the bone that sticks out the furthest on the back of your head) and put in a binder.3. Use a brush to take care of any tangles and smooth out the ponytail, then wrap the hair around your hand and move it under.With the tail of a go inserted horizontally over the roll you've quite recently created, lift up and hold solidly so you can bobby pin the top edge. (You can use longer bobby pins to help give you a more consistent straight line across the top of the chignon.)Pin the bottom of the move underneath so the bobby pins are covered up. If you need more fullness in the style, you can mess up the texture a smidgen and smooth it again using your hands, then delicately go over the uncovered part with the teeth of a comb.Use a flat iron on a low setting to smooth your bangs then spray the entire style with a finishing hairspray.

Prescribed Hair Items:

Bumble and Bumble Brilliantine is a great styling cream that gives your hair an old Hollywood polish along with a sexy slept-in texture.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type:

Start with clean, dry hair and brush through.

Oval, heart, unpretentious adjust or square, long if you are very brave framing and longer bangs to soften the length. Medium to thick thickness (or add filler hair to make the chignon appear more full) with next to zero natural texture or hair that retains a smooth appearance.


Moving your style around to see where it looks best and makes you feel most comfortable is a great idea. Take photos of the front, back and the two sides each time you move it so you have something to use as a kind of perspective point when deciding what to do.

Sexy Updo

A heap of curls heaped not very high is a fabulous search for the carefree however glamtastic young lady. Having a darker tone underneath can wind up looking tragic if it's not done right, so be careful with the colors you choose to create more drama and dimension in your style. The free perfect curls are hard to fail however. Definitely use your face framing/bangs to keep the style looking approachable and soft

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