Jumana Al-Rashed turns the tables on the concept of Saudi and Arab media

Jumana Al-Rashed turns the tables on the concept of Saudi and Arab media, When the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia decided to implement Vision 2030

Jan 26, 2023 - 12:19
Jan 26, 2023 - 13:01
Jumana Al-Rashed turns the tables on the concept of Saudi and Arab media
Jumana Al-Rashed turns the tables on the concept of Saudi and Arab media

Editor-in-Chief - Hossam Hussein Labish
When the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia decided to implement Vision 2030, it placed the media at the top of its priorities and looked at the matter with the eye to changing the stereotypical media image. From the first moment, the trend was to establish a media reality that goes beyond the Middle East, to strike its modernity in the depths of the West, in its European and American parts.

In parallel, the most important file that the Saudi state succeeded in extricating from the shell of previous covenants was the women’s file, as the era, according to the ideas of His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman, has become far ahead of the reality of half of society, which is represented by women with their being, being, lofty and with their ability to assume responsibilities. along with the guy.

In view of this, the Kingdom not only succeeded in removing the boring title that had been assigned to it for decades, represented by preventing women from driving a car but rather surprised the whole world by pushing women to the leading platform of the 2030 project in partnership with the youth entity that the government and the Crown Prince of the country depend on to reach its summit after less than Eight years from now.

A name has emerged in the arena for a brave woman who is different from her peers, not only in Saudi Arabia but also in the Middle East. And when we look at the dates of her obtaining the certificates that enabled her today to manage the most complex media files in the new Saudi Arabia, we will make sure that the announcement of the 2030 project was not born at the time, but rather it was being prepared years ago.

We are in front of a woman who runs the helm of media projects that seem somewhat complicated. Jumana Al-Rashed was born in 1988 and has since 2011 held a BA in political science from the School of Oriental and African Studies in the United Kingdom. This allows for implicit reflection: If we had known in 2011 about a Saudi woman who had reached this martyrdom, we would have been somewhat surprised, but when the Vision 2030 project was launched, this woman’s escalation in 2011 was part of the preparations for that declaration. This is what we will reach in our project reflection.

Mrs. Jumana Al-Rashed has headed the executive office of the Saudi Research and Media Group for two years, drawing on the scientific skills she has acquired since her success in her master's thesis in international journalism in 2013 from City University in London, as well as on experiences that came from her journalistic work for years in Al-Riyadh newspaper, as well as her Being one of the most important who worked as a media consultant, as well as in managing media communication.

Today, Jumana is one of the most important Arab media personalities in creating and developing content, producing programs and documentaries, and audio content “podcasts” in the Arab region. Its experiences add up to successes that can now be floated in the Middle East.

Today, Jumana Al-Rashed has become a difficult figure in the world of Arab media. She not only works in the media but also manufactures it. She shines in the major modern media institutions with a modern style that is different from the past, and the Bloomberg channel is at the forefront.

Al-Rashed's activity does not depend on journalistic topics related to teaching news writing, how to create a TV channel, or what can be done to create content in this digital age, but rather it goes beyond that to broadcast daily ideas on how to see media in all its forms that blow up the past and establish an unprecedented Middle Eastern media stage. for him.

Vision 2030, with its two vital bridges, the media, and women, is going well. Where there are women, there is development, and where there is modernist media, or even postmodern ones. Jumana Al-Rashed and her likes are found. Thus, the citizens of the Kingdom are reassured of the achievements of the vision of His Royal Highness in the presence of decisions that advance the Kingdom and its media locally. And internationally seven years from now

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