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Inspired by Iconic Hollywood Movies Featuring Unique Formulations, Between the Sheets. Lipstick, Our vegan lipstick collection includes lip glosses

Dec 29, 2019 - 14:39
Lipstick Fashion, News, Photos and Videos
Inspired by Iconic Hollywood Movies Featuring Unique Formulations

The formula should have "full-shade" with a "smooth, ultra-matte finish." Since the description was a little light, I also watched the brand's video, where the formula is also expected to be comfortable to apply and not settle in lip lines. The best aspects of the formula are the means by which lightweight it felt on–almost like nothing on, so in spite of being increasingly matte and denser, not heavy or clingy–and that most shades have been non-drying (up until this point).

There has been some transfer, and the finish is for the most part matte however not "ultra-matte" (certainly not as flat or matte as their liquid lipsticks, as an example). A few shades have emphasized my lip lines from a surface standpoint or because of shading settling into them, yet it relied upon the shade. The wear has ranged from four and a half hours to eight hours, and a portion of the more extravagant shades can endure a moderate meal and definitely drinking espresso.

I saw the surface as the drawback; the lipstick is incredibly firm and thick with little to creaminess, which brought about an application that pulled and pulled on the lips. It was also the kind of surface that caught on flakes, so regular exfoliation is critical. There were a couple of shades that were creamier and thicker on the lips, which were progressively comfortable to apply, yet the majority were very firm. (They also didn't get gentler with use.)

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