Shilpa Shetty kickstarts her Monday workout with belly dance

Shilpa Shetty impresses her sister Shamita Shetty by beginning her Monday workout with belly dancing. Watch

Jan 23, 2023 - 11:15
Shilpa Shetty kickstarts her Monday workout with belly dance
Shilpa Shetty kickstarts her Monday workout with belly dance

Shilpa Shetty took to Instagram and shared a video from her Monday workout. She left fans impressed with her belly dance and wrote a long note about the benefits of belly dancing.

Shilpa Shetty took to Instagram and shared a clasp from her workout on Monday. In the clasp, she should be visible playing out belly dance. Her strength and adaptability left many fans impressed. Fans called Shilpa 'fit' in the comments section. She also wrote a long note as she described the benefits of belly dance, and how to perform it. She also asked her fans about 'how their Monday looks like'. (Also read: Anushka Sharma shares glimpse of her yoga pose inside daughter Vamika's room; fans call her 'super flexible'. See pic)

In the video, she wore a yellow tank top and yoga pants and was shoeless. She raised both her arms and performed belly moves slowly with rec center equipment behind the scenes. She was all smiles as she posed for the camera. She added a Belly Dance Workout song alongside the video.

Sharing a belly dance workout video on Instagram, Shilpa expressed, "All that in life deserves a JHATKA or a tadka, at standard intervals. My #MondayMotivation is the same. Today's standard includes a belly dance move, which works the center inside-out. Our center consists of the pelvic, lower back, glute, and abdominal muscles. This belly dance move trains the center for strength and shape."

She told me how to do belly dance, and expressed, "How to do it: Keeping one leg straight with the foot level on the floor, raise the heel of the other leg as high without bowing at the knee and afterward draw an outward circle with your hip. Rehash on the other side and work on the other hand (Envision drawing the limitlessness sign)."

She further stated, "When you master this move, you can play out a blend of slow and fast movements to challenge your center. Belly dance also helps in figuring out how to control the center and works on the more profound abdominal muscles. Unique in relation to the usual, isn't it? What does your Monday resemble? Tell me in the comments underneath." She used 'swast Raho mast Tahoe, 'fit India movement', 'ss application', 'simple soulful', 'belly dance', 'home workouts', 'fit India and 'fitness' as the hashtags.

Her actor-sister Shamita Shetty dropped heart emojis in response to the post. Superstar fitness mentor Yashmeen Chauhan stated, "Yeaaahhhhhh (fire emoticon)." Responding to the clasp, one of Shilpa's fans commented, "Hey Shilpa! Show us also these jhatkas (moves)." Another fan expressed, "slow moves Kinne lovely slack rah hai (These small moves look delightful)." Another fan commented, "Stunning, you are so fit touchwood (red heart emojis)."

A fan expressed, "Thanks ma'am, a super guidance for beginners who wants to learn belly dance." "My Monday hasn't started at this point because it is still 11:45 pm Sunday here in New Jersey. Anything it looks like, I'm ready for it", kept in touch with one. "Goodness, astounding", added another. Many friends dropped heart emojis on the video.

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