The First Lady of Oman oversees the graduation of female police officers

The First Lady of Oman oversees the graduation of female police officers Her Highness Lady Assaida Ahd Abdullah Hamed Al Busaidi, consort of the Sultan of Oman

Feb 26, 2023 - 13:26
Nov 20, 2023 - 11:02
The First Lady of Oman oversees the graduation of female police officers
The First Lady of Oman oversees the graduation of female police officers

Her Highness Lady Assaida Ahd Abdullah Hamed Al Busaidi, consort of the Sultan of Oman, will preside over the Royal Oman Police (ROP) celebrations on Sunday, marking the passing of a new batch of female police.

The event will be held at the Sultan Qaboos Academy for Police Science in Nizwar Wilaya, Al Dakhiliya Governorate.

Besides the Honorable Lady, the event will be attended by female participants, including some members of the royal family and the State Council, as well as undersecretaries, senior ROP officers, and officials from various government units in Al Dakhiliya.

Regarding the honorable care given by the Honorable Lady for the ROP graduation, Nadia bint Abdul Wahab Al-Jadjalia, Director of the Criminology Laboratory, said: "This generous gesture by the Honorable Lady is an embodiment and confirmation of the generous support received by Omanis. Women in general by His Highness Sultan Haitham bin Tariq And especially the policewomen.

"This generous patronage is a source of pride for all women members of the Royal Oman Police and will have a prominent effect in sharpening their resolve to serve this benevolent country with all seriousness and diligence."

Speaking on the empowerment of women in the police, Lieutenant Colonel Mona bint Saeed Al Saadiya, Director General of Investigations and Criminal Investigations at Al Dahirah Governorate Police Command said: “Since the blessed renaissance and renaissance era, Omani women have had the opportunity to play their leading role in building their homeland and it is It has been proven in various cases.”

Omani women have been admired by all for their achievements in various fields, including policing, where they have attracted the attention of the General Police Command while performing their duties in a highly efficient and professional manner as well as policemen serving in senior administrative positions. All police formations and their participation locally and in international forums,” he added.

Regarding the challenges that women face in carrying out their duties, Major Sheikha bint Rashid Al-Isaiah, head of the North Al Batinah Governorate Police Driving License Division of the Traffic Division, affirmed that with determination and perseverance, all difficulties and challenges can be overcome.

"Women police believe in the importance of the responsibilities assigned to them, no matter how tough they are," she added.

"With great determination and support from all, they achieved their tasks with full determination," he said.

Major Shekha said about the qualities that policewomen should have, honesty, sincerity, sacrifice, and calmness. Since women's jobs are different from men's, there must be a work-life balance.

Dr. Huwaida bint Hussam Al Kindia, the senior doctor at the Police Hospital, said: “The royal honor that comes from the Honorable Lady for sponsoring the graduation ceremony of a batch of female police on this day is a matter of pride for Omani policewomen. The development and progress they have achieved in the national development process and in ensuring security, peace, and stability throughout the Sultanate of Oman.

“The General Command of ROP has paid much attention to women police, which reflects the leadership's belief in the effective role of women police in various departments, especially in medical services. There is a large trained and qualified female cadre as doctors, nurses, laboratory technicians and other supporting medical staff,” he added.

Women Police Based on the General Police Command's vision of the role of women, young officers are trained professionally and continue to build their capabilities in an environment that stimulates creativity.

The triumphant march of Omani police women continues, garnering much fame and fulfilling the aspirations of the people. They have become symbols of success and struggle in various internal and external forums.

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