The marriage will be with the one with whom it is written

The marriage will be with the one with whom it is written Ahana Rahman is getting appreciation from fans for doing two acts on Valentine's Day.

Feb 19, 2023 - 20:46
Feb 19, 2023 - 20:53
The marriage will be with the one with whom it is written

The marriage will be with the one with whom it is written
Ahana Rahman is getting appreciation from fans for doing two acts on Valentine's Day. The actress is now busy with the shooting of several dramas, including the 7-episode Eid drama Honeymoon. Returning after three years, the actress talked about various topics including love and marriage in her personal life
Question: I tried several times to get you on the phone. where are you

Kuakata I was busy shooting, brother. I am working on Eid. And Sun was leaving, so the shooting had to be done in a hurry. If I could not finish the day's shooting within that time, I would be trapped. Can't go out at night. Here are three of my drama shoots.

Question: Most of the time, last-minute work pressure is seen. If you shoot in a hurry like this, the quality of the work is right?

In fact, there is always a rush to finish the day sequences in a day. Sometimes not being able to start the shooting on time or if the sequence of the day is long, the work becomes stressful afternoon. But I don't give any discount for the work. That's why I can't even talk on the phone. It can be seen that I call back everyone after the evening.

Question: He returned after a long break. Why this break?
I returned last August after taking a break from work for three years. I gave myself some time in between. I did a baking course. I was a little confused. Later I had to lose 10 kg of weight. Backed up after that. The audience liked the previous Ahana again. Working regularly since September; This is my peace in return.

Question: Back after a long time. Were you worried about how the audience would receive you?

I think the audience might not take it easy for a comeback after three years. Maybe don't look positively, it will take time to build that ego place again. But I'm surprised. Because it is a matter of luck to suddenly get the love of the audience. I am lucky there. The audience's choice—everything—matched the bat.

Question: Most of the plays you are seen speaking in the regional language of Barisal or Noakhali.

Many people think that, but it is not so. it's wrong There are two parts of a drama called Shashurbari Noakhali, only the Noakhali language is spoken there. Acted in a play in Barisal language, the play will be aired on Eid. I don't confine myself between two languages.

Question: What does the audience say after watching the Valentine's Day drama 'Mala Tumi Kaar', 'Gramer Girlfriend'?

The views of both dramas are good. The audience also liked it. Getting good response. The audience is talking about the dialogue and looks. It feels good to be appreciated for work.

Question: Is there any change in the quality of the drama after returning?
Audience tastes have changed more than before. Business models have changed. Some work may have to swim in the stream. These works are loved by the audience. nothing to do First you have to make your own place. But there was no problem with anyone working. Be it Shamim Sarkar, Alvi, or Rashed. There is no deficiency in anyone. Everyone is doing good work in their respective places. I feel like, let's work now, we will choose to work later.

Question: Shamim Hasan Sarkar and you are often tried to say by fans on Facebook and online news that you have a love relationship...
There may be a relationship. Not only, Shamim, but I also have a relationship with Alvi, Rashed border. This relationship is at work. But I don't want to talk about personal matters, what many people think about Shamim's relationship.

Question: You were seen together in a romantic picture posted by Shamim on Facebook on Valentine's Day. Some say you can get married...
Many people are talking a lot, we don't care about that. We are working together regularly. The audience accepted and liked the performance of our duo. I want to go to work now. And birth, death, marriage - Allah knows best. My marriage will be with whoever is written. Whether it's Shamim or XYZ, I don't know yet. I don't want to say anything about my personal life at the moment. I will let you know when the time is right. Now I am thinking more about my career. I will be busy with continuous work until Eid.

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