The three paths are now open in front of Imran

The three paths are now open in front of Imran , The government of Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan has lost its majority. Opposition groups called for a no-confidence motion in the National Assembly. A no-confidence motion is to be voted on on Sunday.

Apr 2, 2022 - 07:55
The three paths are now open in front of Imran
The three paths are now open in front of Imran

The three paths are now open in front of Imran 

The government of Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan has lost its majority. Opposition groups called for a no-confidence motion in the National Assembly. The no-confidence motion is scheduled to be put to a vote on Sunday. Ahead of the vote, Imran Khan said on Friday that he had been asked by the Establishment to choose one of three options. These are: facing a no-confidence vote, resigning or holding early elections. Pakistan's 'Establishment' is basically the country's powerful army.

In a private television interview yesterday, Imran Khan said he would not resign even if he lost his majority in the National Assembly. He further added that the lawmakers who have joined hands with the opposition have not been able to run the government with them. Imran Khan said he was in favor of early elections rather than resigning or forming a new government. He thinks that it will be best if there is an early election. 

Imran Khan said, "We have said that elections are the best option. I can't even think of resigning. "I believe in fighting in the end," he said, adding that the government could not be run with defectors. "If we hold early elections, that will be good for Pakistan," he said.

On the no-confidence motion, Imran said that when the National Assembly meets tomorrow to discuss the no-confidence motion, he will bring another surprise. "A captain never reveals his tactics to anyone," he said. But I repeat, this no-confidence motion is a big international conspiracy.

'My life is in danger'

Imran Khan said his life is now in danger. He claims that those who are plotting to overthrow his government are afraid that the people of the country will continue to support him even if he is ousted. Imran said, ‘I am saying this publicly because my life is in danger now. 

Imran Khan, who went from cricketer to politician, said, "Those who are conspiring against me and trying to take advantage of me know that I will not remain silent. What are they thinking? They will try to bring down my government by spending two to two and a half thousand rupees and I will remain silent? That is why I am saying these things in public. " 

In a speech to the nation last Thursday, Imran described the attempt to oust him as an international conspiracy. He claimed to have received a threatening letter as proof of this. Speaking about the letter in that speech, Imran Khan mentioned the name of the United States. However, he immediately corrected it. He later said that a foreign state had sent a threatening letter, which was anti-Pakistan. The United States has denied the allegations.

Information Minister Fawad Chowdhury has claimed that an attempt was being made to assassinate Imran Khan after he publicly spoke about the letter to overthrow the government. Hours before Imran Khan spoke of a plot to assassinate him, Fawad Chowdhury said that an attempt was being made to assassinate Prime Minister Imran Khan. Fawad Chowdhury said that they had intelligence that Imran Khan was under threat of assassination.

Earlier this week, Faisal Bhawda, leader of Imran Khan's PTI, made a similar allegation. He said plans were being made to assassinate Prime Minister Imran Khan. Referring to the conspiracy to assassinate the Prime Minister for refusing to "sell the country", Vavoda said that Prime Minister Imran Khan was a brave man. He will not compromise on Pakistan. He will not let the head of the nation bow to anyone. He said that Imran had received death threats before.
'I will never go against the army'

Imran Khan also told reporters that he would never go against the Pakistan Army. "I will never speak out against the military," he said, adding that he did not want the military to be controversial under any circumstances. 

Imran said if there was no strong army, the country would have been divided into three parts in so many days. "We are safe because of our army," he said, adding that in the past, leaders had feared the army because of their corruption, adding that he had no issues with the military leadership

No disagreement over ISI chief appointment In October last year, Lieutenant General Nadeem Ahmed Anjum, the head of Pakistan's military intelligence agency ISI, was appointed. There was a debate about it then. It was also rumored that Imran Khan was going to appoint the intelligence chief without paying attention to the military leadership. Imran Khan was questioned about the appointment in October. In this context, Imran said, there is no difference of opinion between the military and civilian leadership. "We all agreed then," said Imran. There was no disagreement.

Presenter Imran Khan wants to know about former ISI chief General Fayez Hamid. He told Imran Khan that General Hamid should carry out his duties as the intelligence chief, whether he wanted it or not. Because General Hamid was also his favorite man. In reply, Imran Khan said that he had worked with General Fayez Hamid for three years. But he knew that winter 2021 was going to be "the hardest time for us.

Referring to the economic crisis and the situation in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of US troops, Imran Khan said, "I told him (General Fayez Hamid) to serve until the winter. Because, he was an experienced person. In this case, they had their own position. Because, all these are rules in the army. Besides, they had their own point of view and I also had a point of view. But then I didn't think about who was going to be the new army chief. ' Disagreements between the military and civilian leadership over the appointment of the ISI chief were then reported in the media. The controversy started after Imran Khan appointed ISI chief without informing Army Chief General Kamar Javed Bajwa, according to various media outlets. However, in an interview yesterday, Imran denied the allegations. The Prime Minister of Pakistan claims that this is propaganda of information of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N).

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