What is Miso and Health Benefits of Miso

What is Miso and Health Benefits of Miso it is also contains smaller amounts of B vitamins, calcium, iron, magnesium, selenium and phosphorus, and is a source of choline W3Schools.com
Oct 10, 2018 - 03:35
What is Miso and Health Benefits of Miso
What is Miso and Health Benefits of Miso

What is Miso, Benefits of Miso, What are the health benefits of miso,

viral media blog Miso is one of superfoods for so many reasons: it tastes amazing awesome, has so many benefits for your Health, and it is very versatile in the kitchen. What more could you want? In this post we’ll viral media blog discuss what miso is, why it’s so good for your Health and how to use recipes. read more what is miso

What is Miso?
Miso is a fermented paste of cultured rice (called koji), beans and salt. The ingredients are simple, but the biochemical processes that turn beans and rice into miso is pretty awesome. Koji is a mold that grows on rice, which is then mixed with cooked beans, most often soybeans. The mixture is salted and then left to ferment- sometimes for a few months, sometimes for a few years! Lighter, sweeter misos (white, chickpea and yellow miso) are often less than a year, while darker miso (red and Hacho) are often fermented much longer and have a richer flavor and thicker consistency. Generally, miso varieties are interchangeable, but as you begin to experiment with the varieties you will learn which you like for certain recipes. Also, in the tradition of Macrobiotics, lighter miso is better for warmer months, while darker, richer miso is best for cooler months. If you’d like to learn more details about the process, check out this post on The World’s Healthiest Foods.

Health Benefits of Miso: is rich in good source of various B vitamins, vitamins E, K and folic acid. As a fermented food, miso provides the gut with beneficial bacteria that help us to stay healthy, vibrant and happy; good gut health is known to be linked to our overall mental and physical wellness
As miso is a fermented food (like sauerkraut, kombucha, sourdough bread and beer), it contains a host of good stuff for our full body. In this great post on Care2, the author explains:

As the miso ferments, the healthy micro-organisms in the koji produce enzymes that help break down the proteins, carbohydrates and oils in the grain and soybeans. This process makes the nutrients they contain easier for our bodies to digest and absorb (the benefit of all fermented foods.) After the fermenting process is complete the miso is ground into a smooth tangy paste that is filled with vitamins, protein and beneficial bacteria (the good guys found in our guts.)

Probiotics are linked to better immunity, better digestion and even better moods, and miso is one of the best ways to get these little bugs into your body. For many that have digestive issues with beans, you may be able to enjoy miso since it’s predigested by the cultures, and if you are allergic to soy, Miso Masters makes a delicious chickpea miso alternative.

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