Why technology will also be a tool of violence against women

Why technology will also be a tool of violence against women she enters the trial room or the hotel room himself to check if everything is okay

Feb 22, 2023 - 17:11
Why technology will also be a tool of violence against women
Why technology will also be a tool of violence against women

Whenever Mr. Handsome goes out shopping or outing with his wife and two daughters, he enters the trial room or the hotel room himself to check if everything is okay. This 'all right' thing is a big concern for Anisur. Because the wife and children should not be the victims of the pictures captured by the hidden camera.

Although the forms of harassment and torture have changed over the ages, women have always been at the top in terms of victims. Women are products, women are tools of torture. Whether it is to trap someone or to harm someone, finding and harassing a woman is the first thing that comes to the mind of 'society'.

In the era of technology, violence against women has taken a new form. Criminals are finding various ways to humiliate women by secretly taking pictures, spreading intimate pictures during the deterioration of relationships, taking private pictures from mobile phones, or editing pictures.

Several cases such as secretly videotaping, trick photography, and sharing intimate photos or videos have recently come under discussion.
A student of Rajshahi University came to Rajshahi city with his wife for treatment and stayed in a hotel. An hour after entering the hotel, the hotel people called the couple outside and demanded Tk 50,000. It is said that if money is not paid, the secretly recorded video will be released online. Aggrieved students file a case against the perpetrators. According to the police, when a couple of guests came to the hotel by punching holes in the doors of the different rooms of the hotel, videos were secretly taken.

Soon after this incident, another feat was reported. A deliveryman in Gazipur used to take photos of women while delivering products ordered online. After the delivery of the product, the woman used to ask for the customer's mobile phone and go to the Google photo app, saying that Google location will be added for easy delivery of the product. Go to the sharing option of this app and add your personal Gmail account in the 'Share with partner' section. Police arrested him on the complaint of a victim.

Boys are often involved in fights in public places. But how many of their videos are going viral? It is vital when girls do exactly the same thing.

It is now common to share photos or videos of partners online after failing in love or relationships. Bollywood's Bigg Boss star Rakhi Sawant recently filed a complaint against her husband, her personal
The husband made a video of the moment and sold it.

Many men think that the mindset of degrading women is a way to prove their masculinity, said Dhaka University Law Department Professor Shahnaz Huda. He told Prothom Alo, women are coming out more than before, their movement has increased in various fields in society. They now have to walk a lot in public places. But many men are not taking it well either. They bully whenever they get a chance.

Professor Shahnaz said many people want to gain popularity among their acquaintances by harassing women or spreading their pictures and videos.
They consider it a sign of 'masculinity'. He also said that the movement of girls cannot be restricted due to the fear of these things; Rather, it is the government's responsibility to create a safe environment and ensure proper enforcement of laws.

Many of the concerned people think that many hotels are being built in the neighborhood. These hotels need to be brought under supervision. Apart from this, if there is any allegation of secretly recording videos or pictures in an organization, it is necessary to bring the culprit under the law and also to impose a large fine on the specific organization. Then the institution will be strict in these matters.

Faria Ahmed recently joined an office. Every time he uses the office toilet, he thinks, is there something somewhere? Faria said, “There is a fear in the subconscious mind when using a toilet in the trial room or outside. But what to do? We have to go on.'
Referring to the difficulty of always thinking about security in public places, information technology expert Suman Ahmed said, "Why should women walk around all the time?"

Technology has advanced a lot, said Suman Ahmed, it is difficult to be careful in these cases. Exemplary punishment should be made in these cases. If the incident happens, the victim should be encouraged to take action without hiding. Then others will also be careful.

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