Gangubai Kathiawadi

gangubai kathiawadi watch online full move Directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. With Alia Bhatt, Abhinay Raj Singh, Ajay Devgn,

Feb 25, 2022 - 13:52
Feb 25, 2022 - 14:26
Gangubai Kathiawadi
Watch Gangubai Kathiawadi 2022 Full Hindi Movie Free Online

Watch Gangubai Kathiawadi 2022 Full Hindi Movie Free Online

Director: Sanjay Leela Bhansali

Starring: Alia Bhatt, Ajay Devgn, Indira Tiwari, Vijay Raaz

Genre: Biography, Crime, Drama

Released on: 25 Feb 2022

Writer: Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Utkarshini Vashishtha

IMDB Rating: 3.7/10 (120 Votes)

Duration: 152 min

Synopsis: A woman becomes a powerful underworld figure.

gangubai kathiawadi full movie watch online


Ganga (Alia Bhatt) flees from Kathiawadi and comes to Bombay with her sweetheart who promises to satisfy her dream of turning into a film star however instead offers her to a brothel guardian, Sheela Maasi (Seema Pahwa), for Rs. 1,000 and deserts her after taking away her cash as well. She is compelled to turn into a whore there and is in great demand. She is a fiery girl and before long, 'Gangubai' turns into the darling of the clients she benefits as well as of the other girls who work in the brothel. After some time,

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Gangubai turns into the voice of the sex laborers of Kamathipura. She is also chosen leader of the area, displacing Raziabai (Vijay Raaz). A respectable hearted journalist (Jim Sarbh) composes a main story about how Gangubai is battling for the offspring of sex laborers and their right to education, because of which her popularity soars. What happens thereafter? 

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The story is based on Hussain Zaidi's book, Mafia Queens Of Mumbai, and is propelled by the genuine biography of Ganga Harjivandas. It is a fascinating tale and gives an insight into the lives of the women whom society shuns. Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Utkarshini Vashishtha have written a screenplay which is heartfelt and engaging although it is long-drawn. Nonetheless, it should be added that disregarding being extensive, the screenplay doesn't have dull minutes because there are a great deal of happenings which keep the audience's advantage alive. The film starts on such a stunning note (when Ganga's beau offers her to brothel-manager Sheela Maasi) that the watcher's heart goes out to Ganga and drains for her! The audience, therefore,

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gets sucked into the drama right from the word 'go'. The travails of Gangubai at the brothel house, her defiant nature, the short romantic track of Gangubai and Afshan, the track of Afshan's marriage, the track of Gangubai and Raziabai's rivalry, the track of Rahim Lala (Ajay Devgan), the location of Rahim Lala killing Gangubai's client for abusing her, the extremely concise track of Gangubai getting in contact with her mother, the track of Gangubai and the school authorities, the track of Gangubai and the journalist (whom she alludes to as 'generalist')…

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all these brief and not-really concise tracks keep the watchers' advantage alive directly through the procedures. In particular, the conversation between Gangubai, her mother and the interference by the phone operator is extremely emotional, the scene among Gangubai and the school principal, pious devotee and journalist is top notch, the death scene of Gangubai's dearest companion in the brothel house pulls at the heart strings, the discourse by Gangubai after the minister's discourse is clapworthy and, perhaps, the most amazing aspect of the drama. Dialogs, composed by Utkarshini Vashishtha and Prakash Kapadia, are absolute jewels. 

gangubai kathiawadi
Alia Bhatt carries the film on her slim shoulders. It wouldn't be inappropriate to say that she is the life and soul of the film. All fears that she wouldn't look the character, that she would be too dainty to even think about carrying off the job would leave the window once the film starts because her performance just has the audience snared. In single word, she is unbelievable. Hers is an award-winning performance! Special notice should be made of her outfits planned by Sheetal Iqbal Sharma; they are beautiful! Ajay Devgan makes his presence brilliantly felt, with a beautiful performance in a distinct visitor appearance as Rahim Lala. Seema Pahwa is eminent as Sheela Maasi. Vijay Raaz sparkles as Raziabai. Jim Sarbh is phenomenally endearing and wins hearts as journalist Hamid Faizi. Shantanu Maheshwari (as Afshan) makes his mark. Huma Qureshi adds star value in a melody dance in special appearance. Indira Tiwari (as Kamli) is great. Anmol Kajani is charming as Birju. Prashant Kumar has his minutes as Badri. Rahul Vohra (as State leader) stands out. Raza Murad (as Lala's visitor), Chhaya Kadam (as Rashmibai), Mitali Jagtap (as Kusum), Pallavi Vijay Jadhav (as Rama), Kruti Saxena (as Nimmi), Sonal Sagore (as Banno), Lata S. Singh (as Lata), Ekta Shri (as Ekta), Abhirami Bose (as Abhirami), Pal Durang (as Friend), Baldev Trehan (as the tailor), Raaj Vishwakarma, Varun Kapoor (as Ramnik), Jahangir Khan (as Shaukat Khan Pathan), Faiz Khan (as Liyakat) and the others loan nice help.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali's heading is phenomenal. As always, he has handled the subject with incomparable responsiveness. His narration is incredibly mature. Best of all, notwithstanding tackling a subject based bleeding cash light area, he has made a human drama rather than a sleazy film. His masterly strokes are clear in a great deal of scenes. His music is great however not super-hit, and that's a sensitive point. The 'Dholida' melody is awesome. 'Jhume re gori' is also all around tuned. The other melodies are not hummable. Verses (A.M. Turaz and Kumaar) may be rich yet with the exception of 'Dholida', they are difficult on the lips. Kruti Mahesh's choreography stands out in the 'Dholida' and 'Jhume re gori' melodies. Sanchit Balhara and Ankit Balhara's background music is extraordinary. Sudeep Chatterjee has shot the film with such artfulness that he merits distinction marks. He has given the film a beautiful sheen. As for Alia, he has photographed her such that she looks getting and glamorous. Sham Kaushal's action scenes are realistic. Creation planning (by Subrata Chakraborty and Amit Ray) is extraordinary. Sanjay Leela Bhansali's altering is super-sharp.

In general, Gangubai Kathiawadi is an unequivocal film industry champ. It is a heavenly human drama which will progress nicely, more so in the huge urban areas and multiplexes. The film holds special appeal for the ladies. It has the potential to do hit business in certain circuits.

gangubai kathiawadi release date
Released on 25-2-'22 at Inox (daily 12 shows) and other cinemas of Bombay by Pen Marudhar Cine Entertainment. Exposure and opening: awesome. … … .Also released all finished. Opening was generally excellent at places and great at others
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