how to Installation of cPanel/WHM

how to Installation of cPanel/WHM, cPanel is the most popular Linux based web hosting control panel

Jun 16, 2020 - 13:43
how to Installation of cPanel/WHM
How to Install cPanel and WHM in CentOS 7

cPanel is the most mainstream Linux based web facilitating control board. It gives a graphical user interface to easily oversee and have various websites on a solitary VPS or dedicated server. With the assistance of it's incredible GUI we can easily perform the greater part of the tasks we perform on a website's server utilizing command line, for instance, uploading files, creating emails, setting cron employments, dealing with databases, and so forth. WHM (Web Host Chief) gives a root and affiliate level access interface where user can oversee settings identified with server organization and record the board. cPanel gives a user level access interface where user can deal with their web hostings.

Highlights of cPanel/WHM

cPanel/WHM accompanies a great deal of eminent highlights, some of them are recorded underneath.

Multilingual GUI interface to deal with a server and customer websites.

Worked in document director and phpMyAdmin to easily oversee files and databases.

DNS support and the board for both server and customer websites.

Email the executives with DKIM and SPF support for verification and encryption.

Easy SSL/TLS the executives for various spaces utilizing SNI.

Easy Reinforcement and Relocation of customer accounts inside various servers.

Can be easily coordinated with practically all customer the board and charging programming like WHMCS, Blesta and so on.


A Fresh VPS, Cloud Server or Dedicated Server running CentOS 7 or CentOS 7.2. You can likewise browse a wide scope of SSD Cloud Servers legitimately from us on the off chance that you don't have one as of now.

A Static IP address, cPanel can not work on a unique IP address which is apportioned progressively in the event that you have DHCP empowered on your ethernet interface.

Least 1 GB Smash yet it is suggested that you have 2 GB of Slam.

Least 20 GB Circle Space yet it is suggested that you have at any rate 40 GB Plate Space.

Root access to your server.


cPanel, once introduced can not be expelled from your server as it doesn't have any uninstaller. To expel cPanel you will need to reinstall your Working System.

cPanel is business programming and requires a permit to work however cPanel offers a multi day preliminary, you can introduce your product utilizing the preliminary and you can purchase the product later. The preliminary is automatically initiated once cPanel is introduced on your server.

Installation of cPanel/WHM

Before introducing cPanel you should have Perl introduced on your server as cPanel is written in Perl. To introduce Perl on your system, login as root user and run the following command.

    yum -y install perl

Presently you will need to set the hostname for your server. A hostname is a FQDN or Completely Qualified Space Name which will be utilized to recognize your server. For instance consider - this is a FQDN which you can use as your hostname. To change your hostname run the following command


You can supplant with your hostname. You should possess the space of which your are setting up the hostname.

Next, you will need to change your present registry to/home catalog, run the following command to do this.

    cd /home

Download the installation content from cPanel website by executing the following command -

    curl -o latest -L

Presently run the installation content by executing the following command -

    sh latest

This will start your cPanel installation, you would now be able to take it easy as the installation takes around half hour to finish. When the installation content is done you will see the following yield:

You would now be able to open your program and go to https://your-server-ip:2087 to access WHM. Login with username root and your root record's password. Ensure that you use https to access WHM in program. For instance on the off chance that your IP is, at that point you will need to go to

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