Most Popular Dark Red Nail Polish

This Is The Most Popular Dark Red Nail Polish In The World!, best red orange nail polish, nail polish dark red, matte nail polish,

May 23, 2020 - 16:41
Feb 28, 2022 - 09:55
Most Popular Dark Red Nail Polish
Most Popular, Red Nail Polish, beauty look matte nail polish

Most Popular Dark Red Nail Polish

best red orange nail polish

Chanel Rouge Noir is the most popular red nail polish in the world and Chanel's top of the line beauty item. Naturally, as soon I discovered this fact I was intrigued to attempt to investigate more about this lacquer. Related Article: Matte Nail Art Ideas That Prove This Trend is Here to Stay

A bit of history This famous color was created in 1994 by Dominique Moncourtois, Chanel's director of makeup specifically for the 1995 Spring/Summer Chanel Ready-to-Wear appear. After it's introduction at the show, the color "dominated the imagination of the masses" in 1994, according to the New York Times, and sold very well, with nationwide shortages for months after its launch. In the same year, Uma Thurman famously wore Rouge Noir (called Vamp back then) in Mash Fiction cementing the lacquer's image as the femme fatale nail color of choice. Read More Related article: Lipstick Fashion, News, Photos and Videos

In addition to becoming the symbol of femme fatale beauty look, Chanel Rouge Noir has also changed the industry forever. It has been credited with bringing non-traditional polish colors into the mainstream of late twentieth century cosmetics. Before Chanel introduced Rouge Noir, dark and non-traditional polish colors were disregarded by mainstream beauty companies. Rouge Noir was responsible for setting a widespread pattern that made nail polish in virtually any color acceptable. According to certain sources, Chanel's introduction of Rouge Noir has inspired the foundation of new restless cosmetics lines, including Urban Decay and Hard Candy Read More Related article: Beautiful young woman's hands hottest nail polish

Most Popular, Red Nail Polish, beauty look

matte nail polish Formula: Chanel Rouge Noir has the new generation Chanel Gel polish formula which is shiny, fast drying and dependable. It's without 5 and cold-bloodedness free. The polish is pigmented. You can easily pull off 2 thin coats. I applied 3 layers, be that as it may, just to see how dark it gets. Read More Related article: jewelry, bridal wedding party

Application: It's relatively easy to apply, the formulation is great. It doesn't differ much from other Chanel cremes, maybe a bit thinner than usual. The nail polish dries quickly and yields in a completely smooth coverage. Be that as it may, the narrow brush makes it a bit difficult to apply such dark and highly pigmented polish without mistakes.* Read More Related article: Ladies love eye makeup

Finish/Color: Chanel Rouge Noir is an exceptionally profound dark red in a jam creme finish. At the point when you apply first coat it's bright raspberry red however turns out to be progressively darker with each coat yielding in almost black in 3 coat of polish. Read More Related article: Amazing French Manicure Nail Art Designs Ideas

Nail Art: This polish is exceptionally pigmented and is suitable for any kind of nail art. You'll see one week from now!

Wearability: Exceptionally enduring, it lasted 9 days with a top coat. Read More Related article: Best Winter Nail Art Ideas

Extra Notes: *all dark nail polishes look their best when applied flawlessly, so make sure to clean up any application mistakes with an angled brush dipped in acetone. I'd suggest 04 Slayer, because it's sharp and can get in (and clean up!) considerably under cuticles. Read More Related article: How To Get beautiful Eye Makeup

Tricks: There are no hoodwinks for Rouge Noir in Chanel range or any other brands, you may find some fundamentally the same as colors yet I guarantee it's not 100% the same. The closest color in my collection is Essie Wicked, yet Chanel Rouge Noir is a touch darker and more profound than Wicked. Read More Related article: Women eyebrow styles

Overall Impression: Chanel Rouge Noir is a stunning red nail polish and I can see why it's so phenomenally popular. Be that as it may, these days there are so many dark reds out there – in every shade and finish, that quite frankly, with it's high price Rouge Noir doesn't have the same appeal as it had in the late 90-s. However, if you're a Chanel's fan or hard core polish collector this dark red classic is an unquestionable requirement have matte nail polish
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