Poland-vs-Saudi-Arabia Live updates from the FIFA World Cup 2022 match between Poland and Saudi Arabia at Education City Stadium

Nov 26, 2022 - 19:46
Nov 26, 2022 - 20:40
Poland and Saudi Arabia, Education City Stadium, Fifa world cup 2022

Poland 2-0 Saudi Arabia 

LIVE! Lewandowski goal - World Cup 2022 match stream, latest score updates today

Latest Report on Saudi House in Doha Corniche:

“When it started to get dark here, Poland's goal really silenced the crowd. And then the hope that brought punishment, only to be cruelly taken away.

'It's okay,' said one fan, in an attempt to console Aldaawsari after the Saudi player missed the penalty. The Saudis will hope that the message reaches the Education City Stadium at half-time and that the team can build on the positives from this half-time.

Poland XI: Szczesny, Bereszyński, Kiwior, Glik, Cash, Zielinski, Krychowiak, Bielik, Frankowski, Milik, Lewandowski.

Saudi Arabia XI: Alowais, Alburayk, Albulayhi, Alamri, Abdulhamid, Kanno, Almalki, Alanjei, Aldawsari, Albrikan, Alshehri.

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