Women eyebrow styles

most famous celebrity, Women Find out how to do eyebrows properly so you get, inspired by our favourite female celebrities

Jan 14, 2020 - 15:09
Women eyebrow styles
Every Dodgy Eyebrow Mistake high quality magical eyebrow style

Between our high schooler tendencies to overpluck, the sea of confusing eyebrow items out there, and our total lack of artistic ability, getting our eyebrows to the point of Insta-worthy rather than wince worthy can be an absolute minefield.

Try not to even kick us off on what shape they're actually meant to be. Are straight brows so fashion however so not flattering? Or are arches totally 2017?

We called on Head Make-Up Artist and National Brow Master for Benefit, Lisa Potter-Dixon, and organizer of The Browgal and microblading master, Tonya Hoodlums, to help us navigate every eyebrow mistake and explain how to avoid them ASAP.

How to do your eyebrows the correct way? See underneath.

1. The 'Tadpole'

How to easily draw eyebrows for beginners

Where you've turned out badly...

'Alright, so the tadpole brow, named because it literally seems as though that large headed squirmy thing that you can discover in a lake, is usually trend driven. If you were a 90's teenager, this is potentially the brow you're left with thanks to Kate greenery,' says Lisa.

'Too much weight at the front of the brow, trailed by a slim tail, isn't flattering for anyone. It's an odd balance which tends to make your brows the main focus of the face for all an inappropriate reasons.'

How to take care of business...

'The starting point is to see whether or not your hair still grows around the brow. To do this, you need to leave them for about a month and a half. Infuriating yet so worth it,' explains Lisa.

'Have a go at using a brow conditioner, morning and night, to encourage more full looking brows. If all else fails, it could be worth looking into microblading, yet do your research if you're thinking about this!

2. Too long

Where you've turned out badly...

'This is where the tail of the brow extends too far into the sanctuary area of the face, and can frequently lead to a hanging impact,' says Tonya.

How to hit the nail on the head...

'When filling in the brow, line your pencil from the point where the nostril meets the extension of the nose, to the outside of your eye – where this converges with your brow is where it should finish, so use light, feathery strokes to cheat the appearance of real hairs

3. Too short

currently very popular with Asian women

Where you've turned out badly...

'This is more than likely an age thing rather than your very own fault,' says Lisa. 'As we get more established, we tend to lose the tail of the brow. Men's brows grow constantly, (although neither does their nose and ear hair), and our brows get more slender. (I recognize what I'd prefer!).'

How to hit the nail on the head...

'Filling your brows in with a fiber gel is the easiest alternative. This adheres to the skin and the hair and will give you a natural, volumised finish,' explains Lisa. 'To measure where the eyebrow should end, take a make-up brush, hold it against the corner of the nose and at the angle of the end of the eye, this is where the brow should end, so lengthen to there with the gel.

'Doing this will lift the appearance of your cheekbones and balance the face

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