Planning A Romantic Getaway

Keep your head in the romantic vacation getaway mindset Be active and plan out your daytime and nighttime

Dec 29, 2022 - 14:30
Planning A Romantic Getaway
Planning A Romantic Getaway

If your relationship needs a break from the daily grind, Earth is definitely your oyster. Think of a sexy vacation as the perfect opportunity to relax, renew and reconnect with your partner!

Whether it's a short retreat or an exotic location on the other side of the world, couples' getaways are more about romance than cash. Here's how you can plan the most romantic getaway, no matter how big or modest your budget is:

Choosing your ideal journey
When planning your romantic getaway, it's not so much about your budget as your general interests. Ideally, you should choose something that you both enjoy. If a spa resort is your cup of tea but it bores him to tears, it won't be particularly romantic. If your guy wants a skiing trip, it's something you really hate. "Some compromise is fine, but if it's supposed to be a romantic vacation, you both have to buy into the heart of the trip or the romance quotient is going to be very, very low," says Dr. Ruth Westheimer, sex therapist and author of Rekindling Romance For Dummies. So talk about your likes and dislikes at this planning stage; Both of you will be able to work on the ideal vacation of your choice.

Planning is half the fun!
A Dutch study of 1,530 adults found that simply planning a vacation increases happiness levels, perhaps as much fun as you expect. "Waiting is a great turn-on," agrees Westheimer. "To get the most out of any vacation, you need to spend time planning your vacation in the equation." To get yourself in the blank mood, do these together before the trip:

      Go online and start exploring any recommended must-sees and must-dos in your destination city You draw the itinerary together.
      Research the country's cuisine online and find restaurants you want to try when you're there.
      "If you're going to a country where the population speaks another language, get books or tapes so you can pick up some important vocabulary words and practice pronouncing them," advises Westheimer.
      Shop for travel outfits together -- maybe add some sexy lingerie to your shopping list!
      Buy a map and plan your route.
      If you want to rent a car, do your research together on what model you want

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